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Blira is a decentralized finance (DeFi), it was created for commercial use in sostitution of classical finance,  Blira is the complete ecosystem in the new world economy, In a few years the cash will disappear and Blira coin will be his replacement In compliance with state laws.
“The new cash Blira era began after the year 2020 crisis global”

Max Supply: 10.000.000
Estimated price in 2021 of 1 Blira Coin: $ 2.00
Blira Staking: ROI 82% annual

Blira Staking: Buy 1000 Blira and keep them in the wallet automatically generate an annual ROI of 82%

Blira is live! participate the ICO today *(and win 1 BTC) at a 50% discount only 0.50 $ = 1 Blira


Blira is listed on DEX decentralized exchange and is traded by the Blira / BTC pair the 50% discount is applied automatically

Blira  Exchange
Why choosing Blira?
 *Participate in the ICO initiative and win 1 Bitcoin the first three drawn at the end of the ICO will win 1 BTC

The winners will receive a credit of 1 BTC on their Waves wallet with which they participated in the Ico

Blira Coin: is a decentralized ultimate generation digital coin, with unique characteristics it can be traceable as paypal or non-traceable as the cash, to a highly secure double blockchain . Blira coin was developed by the best blockchain experts for recover the economy in an excellent way with the advantage of both the buyer and the seller and avoid financial crises, currency devaluation and inflation that causing the economic instability as it happens in the states as Italy, Greece, Venezuela, Zimbabwe.

Blira Bank: and the first decentralized finance (DeFi) bank in the world that uses artificial intelligence 
The freedom time: The first newspaper of the new world economy, its purpose is educate citizens in all parts of the world with rights equal without distinction. 


Our Strategy and Project Plan


Buy Blira

participate the ICO today at a 50% discount only $ 0.50  = 1 Blira


HODL or spend Blira 

ROI of 82% Annually or spend in authorized stores

Blira Coin are always convertible 

💷 Blira Coin are always convertible into other currencies and cryptocurrencies – Blira Coin Security due to decentralization
Control of assets is yours alone – funds do not leave your wallet and cannot be frozen.

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